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BALLERS: Spencer's JOHN VARVATOS Pink Purple full neck Short sleeve shirt (XL)

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This item was in the HBO hit television series BALLERS, and it comes with. a studio signed certificate of authenticity.

"Ballers" is an HBO series that stars Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player turned financial manager. The show explores the world of professional football and the business side of sports. Dwayne Johnson's performance received positive reviews for his portrayal of the charismatic and ambitious character. If you have specific questions or topics you'd like to discuss about "Ballers" or Dwayne Johnson, feel free to ask!

 John Varvatos is a renowned American fashion designer known for his menswear collections. His designs often blend elements of rock 'n' roll and luxury fashion. Varvatos is recognized for his tailored clothing, leather goods, and accessories. If you have specific inquiries about John Varvatos' work or fashion in general, feel free to ask!