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HOUSE: Dr Allison Cameron HERO Elizabeth James Black Skirt (4)

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Dr. Cameron's style on "House" reflects her professionalism and understated elegance. She often opts for classic and sophisticated attire, such as tailored blazers, button-up blouses, and pencil skirts. Her wardrobe typically features neutral colors like black, white, and gray, with occasional pops of color in soft hues like pastel pink or blue.

Cameron's style emphasizes clean lines and timeless silhouettes, mirroring her composed and disciplined demeanor. She pays attention to detail, choosing polished accessories like delicate jewelry and structured handbags to complete her look.

Overall, Dr. Cameron's style exudes professionalism, confidence, and a subtle femininity, reflecting her role as a skilled medical professional with a compassionate heart.

This item was used in the production of NBC's hit TV series HOUSE. It comes with a certificate of authenticity.