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HOUSE: Dr Robert Chase HERO Blue Jack Nicolaus Golf Robe

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Dr. Robert Chase is a fictional character from the television series "House, M.D.," portrayed by actor Jesse Spencer. He is one of the main characters and serves as one of Dr. Gregory House's diagnostic team members throughout most of the series.

Dr. Chase is initially introduced as a member of Dr. House's team in the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He is an intensivist and anesthesiologist by training, with a specialization in critical care medicine. Despite his initial reservations about House's unorthodox methods, Chase becomes a loyal member of his team and develops a complex relationship with his colleagues.

Throughout the series, Dr. Chase's character undergoes significant development as he grapples with ethical dilemmas, personal demons, and professional challenges. He is portrayed as intelligent, ambitious, and occasionally morally conflicted, with a complicated past that influences his decisions and interactions with others.

Dr. Chase's character arc includes various storylines involving his relationships with colleagues and romantic entanglements, as well as his struggles with addiction, guilt, and redemption. Overall, he is a complex and multifaceted character who plays a significant role in the drama and dynamics of "House, M.D."

This item was used in the production of NBC's Global hit TV series HOUSE and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.