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American Horror Story

American Horror Story Hotel: Hahn's Blood Report from Episode 504 Sc 19 Papers

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In Episode 504 of "American Horror Story: Hotel," titled "Devil's Night," the narrative focuses on the sinister tradition of Devil's Night, an annual gathering of infamous serial killers hosted by the ghost of James Patrick March at the Hotel Cortez. Detective John Lowe attends the event as he continues his investigation into the Ten Commandments Killer. Throughout the episode, various conflicts arise, secrets are revealed, and tensions escalate among the characters. Sally McKenna's troubled past is explored, shedding light on her connections to the other ghosts haunting the hotel. James Patrick March exerts his influence over the events of Devil's Night, orchestrating chilling encounters and manipulating the other characters to serve his own agenda. The episode is a dark and atmospheric installment that delves into the twisted history of the Hotel Cortez, setting the stage for further developments in the season's overarching storyline.

This item was used in the award winning FX hit series American Horror Story, and it comes with a studio signed certificate of authenticity.