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30 Rock

30 Rock: Ladsons Chocolate Bar Wrapper

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In "30 Rock," Ladson's Almonds is a fictional brand mentioned in Season 7, Episode 3, titled "Stride of Pride." In this episode, Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin, pitches the idea of creating a new snack called "Stride of Pride" to his colleagues. He describes it as a combination of almonds and nuggets, with the slogan "Get your hand out of the candy jar and reach for some almonds." The name "Ladson's Almonds" might be a reference to the almonds used as part of the snack's ingredients. This scene adds to the humor and absurdity of the corporate world depicted in "30 Rock."

Ladsons Chocolate Bar Wrapper Coupons were used in the production of the Hit NBC show 30 Rock. It comes with a certificate of authenticity.