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The Office

The Office: Kevin Malone's Brown Leather Belt (48)

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Jim and Pam decide they are going to get married today in Youngstown, Ohio, because there is no three-day waiting period. Jim picks some flowers from the planters outside the office and presents them to Pam. As they leave to elope, they stop by the Café Disco. Nobody seems to notice Pam's pink wedding dress as she and Jim join the party. Dwight and Phyllis return (her blouse mended with staples) and they begin to dance as well, Phyllis with Bob. While everyone dances to the song "YMCA", Kevin makes out with Lynn and Jim and Pam realize they both want a real wedding. In the end, although she refuses to dance, Angela taps her foot to the beat. In the women's bathroom, Kelly prepares to give Andy the ear piercing she claims he's been wanting, but Andy screams when she has only touched his ear with the ice.</p>. This item comes with a studio signed certificate of authenticity</p>