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The Office

THE OFFICE: Pam Beesly's Small Gold Ball Drop Earrings

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Pam Beesly, the beloved receptionist turned office administrator from the hit TV series 'The Office.' Portrayed by Jenna Fischer, Pam is known for her kindness, creativity, and enduring romance with Jim Halpert. Now, you can capture Pam's timeless style with our collection of wardrobe pieces and props from 'The Office.' Explore our curated selection of items worn and used by Pam throughout the series, including her iconic office attire and memorable props from her desk. Each piece reflects Pam's journey from a quiet receptionist to a confident professional, making it a cherished addition to any fan's collection. Step into the world of Dunder Mifflin and bring a touch of Pam Beesly's warmth to your collection with

Pam’s sweater was used on THE OFFICE from NBC. This item comes with a studio signed certificate of authenticity</p>